Afro Nuevo

Afro Nuevo Latin-American Jazz . Bringing you the very best in American and Latin Jazz, Cha Cha, Cha, Son,Guajira and Afro Cuban rumba. 

                                   Past events:       

           June 2010  Festival

           September 19, 2010 2pm Vintage Crystal City, VA

           June 26, 2011    Haydee's Rest.  Wash. DC

           July 17, 2011     Haydee's Rest.   Wash. DC

           July 23, 2011  Nat'l Council La Raza Expo  Wash.DC

           Nov. 18, 2012  Kushi Rest.  DC

              Dec 2014 DC Holiday Market

           Dec 2015 DC Holiday Market 

            July 16, 2016   Sotto    Wash DC

            Dec 11, 2016  DC Holiday Market

            Dec 1, 2017    DC Holiday Market

           Dec 14, 2017    DC Holiday Market




 Roberto Dominich on congas




Sound clip-Mazacote by Mongo Santamaria